Project information

  • Category: FICS'22
  • Project date: 07 August, 2022


'The mind once stretched by an idea never regains its original dimensions'. When you are constantly put down in your efforts to effect change, there is very little reason wherefore you might ever believe in realizing your wishes; yet the indomitable spirit of this curious little group, kept them striving, for it was never about winning but the satisfaction that accompanied. One particular day, long time friends @ahmad.096_ and @saad1.618 chanced upon a rather peculiar sight: a certain crossroads had three signals show red and the one that showed green, had no vehicle to be afforded its generosity. Their frustration found vent in their resolve to set it aright. The pair, armed with a camera and a stopwatch took to a very busy crossroads to pool their first data to build their case; thus this start-up began in the humble peevishness of a few budding engineers.